Next Stop – Cuba

Wow, Cuba!

I just spent 2 weeks experiencing the thrills and stresses of traveling in Cuba, one of the most eye-opening journeys of my life to this point.

As I began my trip I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from this place. Was I going to witness a country steeped in poverty, trapped in an era that time forgot? Or perhaps find trouble in a ‘totalitarian police state’*, a story the U.S. government never ceases to tell? Everything I knew came from sources outside of Cuba – misinformed at best – and I had to go see for myself.

Mountains outside Viñales – I climbed them!

It’s a bit difficult now to say what sort of place I found in Cuba. I spent time in both the city and the country, and I spoke with many locals on a variety of topics. I feel like the information I gained should tell me something more than what I knew before, but I think I’m still processing everything I learned. It’s going to take a little time before I can truly put into words the perspective I’ve gained on Cuba and its people. But I’ll get there.

And I can’t wait to share my trip with you! The peaceful nights in Havana, my 150-mile bicycle ride across the countryside (and how I sold my bike in Cuba!), rock climbing in the hot sun of Viñales on beautiful limestone formations, and my own personal catharsis as a traveler – all of this and more is on the way. I’m really excited to finally be writing this blog, and I hope you’re as eager to read my travel stories as I am to tell them.

Next stop – Cuba.

Havana from a rooftop at sunset

*Quote from Jason Poblete — , “Marco Rubio: ‘Trump will treat Cuba like the dictatorship it is’”, Miami Herald, April 05, 2017,

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