Other Opinions – More on the Cuban Travel Ban

As you may remember from a previous piece I wrote titled The New Cuban Travel Ban, I don’t support the measures taken by the Trump administration in their attempt to force government reform in Cuba. Sure, I’m upset that the travel reductions means that Americans can no longer freely visit the country, but I’m more concerned about the expectation that removing a large influx of tourist money from its economy is somehow going to directly benefit the Cuban people.

While the governmental cooperation favored by the Obama administration ushered in a positive new era of foreign policy with Cuba, the more coercive display we’re now witnessing seems to be key to Trump’s general stance on dealing with other countries. And even though the last 50 years of embargo serves as proof that government reform cannot be forced in such a manner, Senator Marco Rubio has convinced Trump to pursue a rather draconic stance on the matter.

For my part I support cooperation over coercion, and what’s happening here will very likely have negative effects other than simply disallowing American tourists to travel to Cuba without constant supervision. Of course, opinions differ. Following are some articles I’ve read on the subject with different viewpoints on these new developments with Cuba, and I hope you’ll take a few minutes to read them over.

Trump right to make Cuba pay for its intransigence – Miami Herald; Jun 15, 2017
A very level-headed view of the situation in support of Trump’s decision, this article also discusses a few possible issues that might come of it. It also stresses continued diplomacy, even though it’s in support of the new regulations.

El Bloqueo Redux: Trump’s Cuba Policies Strike a Familiar Chord – Rolling Stone; Jun 22, 2017
This piece criticizes the new policies, arguing that Trump is pushing relations backward in time. There is a lot of history in this piece as well as an interesting look into the different racial groups that influence these policy changes.

Could 1 million more Cubans be deemed ineligible for remittances? – Miami Herald; Jun 23, 2017
More fact-based, the article brings up the question of whether or not Cuban remittances are in jeopardy. It’s an interesting piece and perhaps one of the few that address potential direct affects to the Cuban people.

Opinion: On Cuba, Senator Rubio Doesn’t Speak for Us – NBC News; Jun 29. 2017
Written by a Cuban American against the new regulation shift, the article contains strong opinions about why Rubio is not a good representative of the Cuban American population and why Obama’s policies may have been better for the development of Cuba.

Have any thoughts of your own you’d like to share? Let us know in the comments!

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