The Road to Viñales – A Tale of Cycling in Cuba – Part 1

3 thoughts on “The Road to Viñales – A Tale of Cycling in Cuba – Part 1”

  1. Adam, I enjoyed reading about this adventure, it was captivating and the photos along the way were a pure asset.
    I noticed in a paragraph you wrote that you stopped at a closed restaurant resting and noticed two cyclists riding up who ordered drinks. That was confusing.
    Looking forward to part two.


  2. You know what? You’re absolutely right! That is confusing, and I’m going to edit it a little.

    I think maybe it came out that way because I was a little confused myself when I was there. The restaurant was definitely closed, but there was this little juice bar in one corner that was serving drinks. *That’s* where I ended up. I never could tell if it was supposed to be part of that restaurant or not, but I guess I sort of blended them together in the writing. Thanks for letting me know!

    And hey, thanks for reading! If you like the photos, there are definitely more where those came from. I have some photo galleries linked in the site menu you might enjoy, and part 2 comes out a little later today. 🙂


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